The Best Time of the Day to Take Brain Supplements

The Best Time of the Day to Take Brain Supplements

Taking the appropriate daily dosage of brain supplements has proven to have a tremendous effect on improving the brain’s capacity. Brain supplements contain nutritional elements that are highly beneficial to the brain. However, knowing what time of the day to ingest them would get you more swift and lasting results.

Before now, taking brain supplements alongside breakfast seemed to be the most logical time of the day to ingest them. But is that truly the best time to take brain supplements? We’ll see in a bit!

When is Best to Take Them?

People argue back and forth on when should be the best time of the day to take brain supplements - which can make things confusing. We are here to set the record straight!

Some brain supplements work the best with fewer side effects during the early hours of the day. For example, Caffeine from the cup of coffee or tea you take every morning to keep you alert and active. While caffeine consumption might have little to zero effect on the body metabolism during the day, the reverse might be the case at night. Repeated consumption of caffeine at night may lead to Insomnia, hence not serving as a brain supplement.

Alongside caffeine, taking fish oils brain supplements, Acetyl-L-Carnitine supplements and Phosphatidylserine supplements in the morning would get you going for the day. Interestingly, these three can be taken repeatedly during the day to improve the cerebral structure and functions and also serve as great anti-inflammatory producers which protect the brain from damage.

One significant reason why many blindly go against taking brain supplements at night is that they believe "Digestion slows down during sleep." Truthfully; it does. However, this would be a debatable topic if we were discussing nutritional or dietary supplements. The human brain relaxes at night causing about two-third of the nerve endings in the brain to be in hibernating mode. The typical "Sleep mode" of your PC where the CPU cools down.

If there was ever a better time to feed your brain with enough brain boosters to improve your brain’s capacity, it was at that time. Brain supplements that contain S-Adenosyl Methionine, Bacopa Monnieri, and Ginkgo Biloba are made of herbal and medicinal compositions. Taking them at night would not only supply your brain with enough brain food but also contribute to getting a good night’s rest.

Which Should You Go For?

Most brain supplements come with a recommendation to be used more than once daily with no specifications on the time of the day. For the best results during the day, however, you should use them before, during, or after breakfast. This way, they become active in your bloodstream enough to provide your brain with adequate brain nutrients for the day. Keeping you active, alert, and increasing your productivity all day long.

Unless otherwise indicated, mornings (with food and water) 2 hours before or after taking medication, are the best times of the day to take your brain supplements.

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