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SH Energy®

SH Energy®

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SH Energy® is happily crafted in Canada (Southern Ontario, to be exact) with our signature 5-year-aged Ginseng root — like a fine wine, the age of this plant amplifies its powers. Our clients count on the formula to energize them so they can manage a family, a job, and their passion projects. Combining with L-Theanine takes its goodness to a new level.

Who Uses This Product

  • Those raising a family with a full-time job
  • Have a full time job and moonlighting as a freelancer
  • Struggling with chronic fatigue that is getting in the way of quality of life
  • Running a start-up
  • Struggle with a significant afternoon energy slump
  • Too tired to play with your kids


American Ginseng root (Panax quinquefolius - 5% ginsenosides). 500mg
- Grown in southern Ontario on the shores of Lake Erie

AlphaWave® L-Theanine (standardized 98% pure by HPLCs). 200mg
- Sourced from Redwood City, California


  • Vegan, absolutely no fillers, Non-GMO, and no caffeine
  • Formulated to be taken with all Shine products
  • Minimalist eco-friendly packs made with up to 80% less plastic (compared to a plastic bottle)

30 Vegan Capsules | 1 Month Supply | NPN 80103343 | Product of Canada

Trusted External Studies

American Ginseng (7712 studies & counting): Energy | Blood Sugar | Brain | Inflammation | Immune System

L-Theanine (341 studies & counting): Alpha Brain Wave | Stress | Neurotransmitters | 
Sleep | Anxiety | Focus

Free of

Preservatives, artificial flavour or colour, sweeteners, natural flavours or colour, dyes, sugar, dairy, starch, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, egg, soy or yeast. Keep out of reach of children.

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